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It forms like a shock under the skin: reading a #screenplay and watching the film at the same time, it’s like getting drunk of #narration.

The Movie – Annie Hall – By Woody Allen.

Focusing on every single scene, stopping the film to can read the screenplay and then look at it on the screen; I spent hours to see this film, but it was worth it, because it seems to me to study the film vivisection, as you do with the prose of poems.

Writing screenplays for the cinema is… WOW!

There are no words to describe such a privilege, such an emotion.

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The Book – A blue and red swing – By L.A. – My first book in English.

Exciting! A satisfaction.

I wrote it 12 years ago, I did more than five drafts and in all this time has grown, changed, aged.

It’s my story, my first novel and obviously just finished writing it, I was madly in love with it.

I feel lighter: after 12 years, seeing it translated into English and thrown into the web internationally, it allows me with joy to “let it go to its destiny.”

The creation of the cover has amused me a lot and makes me smile the fact that since two days I continue to find glittering stars scattered around the house.

Now… it’s time to write other stories.

Publish books on the Amazon platform: simple, enjoyable, and fast.


Instead Amazon’s platform is, in its use and functionality, a disarming simplicity.

I have published both the e-book version and the paper version online, waiting for the request to be processed.

Once you’ve uploaded the correct files, thanks to the previews, you can change it to your liking how many times you want, just fill out the price and distribution fields and the game is done.

I was stunned, even once, by the professionalism and intelligence of the Americans.

They are and remain the numbers one of professionalism.

​Writing is a game of mirrors. 

Reality and imagination blend, like colors in a paint, to tell a story. Although there are traces and impressions of the writer, it is only a story about fantasy.

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