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The Movie – A Rainy Day in New York – by Woody Allen.

A work of art of human emotion, elegant, romantic and ingenious, like every Woody Allen film.


The Movie – Annie Hall – By Woody Allen.

The couple life, stormy, take and leave, in the busy city of New York.
Annie and Alvy become long-standing friends for the viewer, in generating beautiful and ugly memories, we identify with them, because relationships are irrational, but we can not do without them.

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The #Screenplay – #Annie Hall – By Woody Allen.

The construction of dialogues and scenes is brilliant, clearly transmits the mood of the characters.
The story recounts in detail the memories of a couple’s life, between highs and lows, a flowing narrative that never bores; at the end of the script I was disappointed that the story had come to an end, because I was fond of the characters, as if they were old friends.

#Woody #Allen is a genius.


The Movie – Match Point – by Woody Allen.

A man has a wife and a lover or many lovers, but the attachment to material wealth will always prevail over everything.
This film should be used as a survival manual by all those women who are waiting to realize their sentimental situation with married or engaged men.
They will never leave the woman who represents the pillar of economic welfare, because their their survival depends from from the economic interest of a long-standing patrimonial situation in the couple and there is no lover or love that can defeat this sad certainty.

Men lie to get what they want, they lie and they do not have remorse: therefore, to love a married man or a fiance man, is equivalent to throwing himself into a dead end, from which to emerge unscathed, it becomes an arduous undertaking.


The Movie – Café Society – By Woody Allen.

I love Woody Allen because his narrative is sublime: I know that if I watch his film, I adore her story.

“For Socrates, a life not analyzed it is not worth to be lived, but a life analyzed is not a bargain.”

Love is not rational, you lose your head, you lose control … and I add: “Fortunately!”


The Movie – Magic in the Moonlight – By Woody Allen.

Reason and Magic.

If little lies make people live better … these lies are not evil?

And love is just a lie or a magic spell liar and scammer, which often deceives our heart?

And yet … is perhaps the lie of love that makes us live better?

We all need magic, love and live better with these two enchanting spells, mysterious and necessary.

Once again, on the big screen, the magic of storytelling, the great magic of Woody Allen.

It’s love for cinema.

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