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The Movie – 13 – by Géla Babluani.

Where you earn so much money, inevitably, you play and dance with death.

The Movie – The Fan – By Tony Scott.

If in life you have no balance between their dreams, the determination to achieve them and the daily life of work, is quite difficult to live peacefully.

What lurks in the minds of fans? What grows in their minds when they worship him as a God a famous person? What happens if they interfere in their lives because they demand the same attention given to the same stars they adore?

The worst nightmare of a star begins: end up in the crosshairs of the fans crazy.


The Movie – Duplicity – By Tony Gilroy.

In a world where everyone is trying to be smarter than the other, where everyone lies to achieve their goals and fooled everyone … this film is a pearl of wisdom.

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