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The Movie – The Equalizer 2 – by Antoine Fuqua.

The plot of this film in summary: if you want a good job, you have to do it yourself.


The Movie – Everything, Everything – by Stella Meghie.

Whoever says he loves us maybe really keep us in prison. The only way to discover the truth is to dare.


The Movie – Baby Drive – by Edgar Wright.

Excellent story, excellent screenplay, excellent music.

This is a movie that you will not forget for the narrative force it possesses, with the natural rhythm with which the action runs, stunning racing in cars, adrenaline, the use of vinyl records and audio cassettes and old voice recorder of the 1980s style give rise to nostalgia for better times gone by; brilliant shots with a beautifully colored photograph. is just amazing.

Ansel Elgort is an actor who crosses the screen with his acting.

For me this is already the most beautiful film of the year.


The Movie – I Am legend – By Francis Lawrence.

What would you do if you were the last human on earth?


The Movie – Café Society – By Woody Allen.

I love Woody Allen because his narrative is sublime: I know that if I watch his film, I adore her story.

“For Socrates, a life not analyzed it is not worth to be lived, but a life analyzed is not a bargain.”

Love is not rational, you lose your head, you lose control … and I add: “Fortunately!”


The Movie – Sex and The City 2 – By Michael Patrick King.

Living doing the work you love: writing, passionate about fashion because the bank account allows it, travel to the most glamorous places in the world, live glamor, live with a man who lives life with you and you do not expect to have children, but how the partner is enough.
Have four glamorous girlfriends, intelligent, beautiful inside and out, sexy and tempting as the Devil, but honest and sincere as blood sisters.
Dine in restaurants when you feel like, go to a movie premiere, live in New York, living in the navel of the world lives.
Life as an artist, really lived life, happy life.


The Movie – Argo – By Ben Affleck.

If you believe in a project, but we really believe, you also believe alone, just when all seems lost, can you make it happen.


The Movie – San Andreas – By Brad Peyton.

Life is like a relay race: when the world around us collapses, every gesture of help will place a seed for the future. Never forget to help those in need when it crosses your way, nothing happens by chance. The life you save today, it is a hope for a future to be rebuilt better and with greater intelligence. Fight until you life: never give up.


The Movie – Magic in the Moonlight – By Woody Allen.

Reason and Magic.

If little lies make people live better … these lies are not evil?

And love is just a lie or a magic spell liar and scammer, which often deceives our heart?

And yet … is perhaps the lie of love that makes us live better?

We all need magic, love and live better with these two enchanting spells, mysterious and necessary.

Once again, on the big screen, the magic of storytelling, the great magic of Woody Allen.

It’s love for cinema.

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