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The Movie – Dunkirk – By Christopher Nolan.

It is difficult to follow the narrative, slow and jumping from one situation to another, with exciting shots, but with bored dialogues: this is an overview of so many small human tragedies within a human catastrophe.
It certainly teaches that war is a human situation without rationality, useless and devastating.


The Movie – Godzilla – by Gareth Edwards.

Not all monsters are enemies of humanity.


The Movie – J. Edgar – By Clint Eastwood.

Perseverance in building a working system is admirable; but the tenderness of the love story between two men, hidden from the eyes of the world, sharing a private life as well as that work, is touching.

I find it so sad and unfair that two people who love each other deeply they are forced to hide their feelings, to escape the public morals crucifixion, because the obtuse mentality and hypocrisy of a society built by the false morality.

Everyone has the right to love those who genuinely want and everyone has the right to be himself.


The Movie – The Hunger Games – By Gary Ross.

Fight to win, fight like only choice, fighting to the end: and finally win a wrong and unjust fate, change events, change the world, struggling to generate that spark of existential hope that existed in every civilization, has created the difference .



The Movie – Money Monster – By Jodie Foster.

Sudden loss of money a company has never due to chance, the economic crisis or a failure, but apparently depends on the dirty game of vertices, who steal to do other business.

A CEO of a company does not commit a fraud alone, but always has accomplices; but cheat, steal, ruining the lives of decent people, because the rich have greed for money, made on the skin of the poor, this always has consequences.

When rich people do harm to poor people, this evil Free always has consequences for those who do evil: the Universe is watching.


The Movie – Jupiter Ascending – By Lana Wachowski and Andy Wachowski.

The question is only one: who we really are?



The Movie – The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies – By Peter Jackson.

The Pride makes many mistakes, it is often the cause of our bad choices, especially when we decide to fight the enemy, because we risk fighting the wrong one.

The despair and the pressure of events create alliances often unexpected deaths unacceptable, bonds of friendships that last for hundreds of years.

Every time we fall, we should get up and keep fighting until the end, until death.

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