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Godzilla: King of the Monsters – by Michael Dougherty.

A beautiful saga of action films, with remarkable special effects and a well-constructed narrative.
I hope to see lend another Godzilla’ sequel.


The Movie – 15 minutes – by John Herzfeld.

In America, the kill makes famous and millionaires, and so the madness of two crazy people is unleashed, breaking the lives of innocent people.


The Movie – Source Code – by Duncan Jones.

If I could change events, avoid tragedies, and save lives through an experience and a crazy tool… would you do it?

The Movie – Up in the air – By Jason Reitman.

The coldness of heart is typical of women: those who also does not have a cold heart, but warm love for life and does not want to suffer the illusion, well… it’s a lonely heart that stay on his own.

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