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The Movie – Maps to stars – by David Cronenberg.

The ambition for success makes cynics and colds, but the past is a ghost that will not let anyone ever live, it is the daily torment of the soul that feeds our fears.


The Movie – The Maze Runner – By Wes Ball.

Imprisoned in a labyrinth without a way out, the only hope to escape becomes the rush to meet the same death.


The Movie – Godzilla – by Gareth Edwards.

Not all monsters are enemies of humanity.


The Movie – Guardians of the Galaxy – by James Gunn.

They fight, they hate each other, they help to fist fight, they defend each other: soni Also true friends and they are funny characters.

They are excellent guardians, because they are genuine and they are defective, they are not perfect.


The Movie – The Giver – by Phillip Noyce.

If our whole life were a mere illusion, like a fragile bubble soap that shines with lies and false truth?

The only salvation would to fight to run away as to as possible, with the risk of running encounter the unknown.


The Movie – Penguins of Madagascar – By Simon J. Smith and Eric Darnell.

The members of a real family are honest with each other, protect each other, accept each other as they are and are loyal to themselves and family members in any situation and always efficient.

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