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The Movie – After Earth – By M. Night Shyamalan.


A visionary planetary future, but one that makes us reflect on the idea of a philosophy of life #ecology and respect for the environment by human beings: if man continues to destroy and pollute, if he continues to be a threat, all the other life forms could decide to fight the human being until its extinction, to protect their own home.

The conflict between father and son, which takes place on a hostile #planet #earth, because every form of life has evolved to eliminate the human being.

Yet in the war on survival, animals also remember the good received and reciprocate with their lives.

#Fighting to death, to overcome him limits, becomes for the child a question of revenge against his father, to prove once and for all that even if he is a kid yet, is a good warrior: a true ranger.


The Movie – The Congress – by Ari Folman.

Visionary film, but not too far from reality: to continue to live on image alone can lead humanity to total misery and the digital age has killed acting in general.
What I found curious about this film is the character Jeff, owner of the Miramount film company, played by Danny Huston: it reminds me the producer of the film company Miramax, Harvey Weinstein.


The Movie – The Great Gatsby – by Baz Luhrmann

A man in love with humble origins who chases a woman of high society married to another man, who betrays her: yet he can not detach himself from such an individual and fate separates with wickedness two people who were perhaps destined to be together.
In the end, men’s lives are made up only of deceptions and women are often victims of them, unwitting victims.
A man like Gatsby must be loved immediately, because a man seriously in love with a woman is the only one who can give her a happy life, a real life.

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