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The Movie – The era of vampires (Tsui Hark’s Vampire Hunters) – by Wellson Chin.


For fans of the genre vampires, this film is worth seeing, because it offers the narration of a universal legend, that of vampires precisely, from an oriental point of view, where the vampire is above all a zombie sucking life, an evil entity and powerful, which must be defeated with dynamite, because wooden stakes and crucifixes are not needed; furthermore, being wet with water makes the people live invisible to the vampire.

The script is not excellent, but the story deserves.


The Movie – Frailty – by Bill Paxton.

If there is a truth for every event that happens in the life of all of us, what is this truth?

The only one who knows the truth is God.


The Movie – Solaris (2002) – By Steven Soderbergh.

A touching story that teaches us that mistakes made in our sentimental life have consequences and when this happens everyone would want to have a second chance to go back and be able to do the right thing.

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