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The Movie – Skyscraper – by Rawson Marshall Thurber.

I love the films played by #Dwayne #Johnson, because I like the action and the tenacity in dealing with impossible actions.
A film to watch for fans of the genre.


The Movie – Cowboys and Aliens – by Jon Favreau.

Aliens are studying us, they look continuously, even in unimaginable historical ages.
On horseback against a flying object: funny.
Present, past, future, planet earth and other planets, human civilizations and remote places: everything intersects this everyday, when you least expect it.


The Movie – Atomic Blonde – by David Leitch.

Do not trust anyone … We will have to make our life philosophy of protagonist Lorraine Broughton.
A beautiful story of spies, ruthless and accompanied by great music.
A note of merit also to the film’s costumers: the divine Charlize Theron always wore elegant and sensual dresses.
The love story between two women has been a touch of narrative elegance.
A movie to see.


The Movie – Transformer: The Last Knight – By Michael Bay.

History: fight without giving up, until the end, until you sacrifice yourself in an attempt to understand, through the past, the story of today.

The film: why take for granted that special effects can remedy a slow and unclear narrative and impossible dialogues?

Why is not the quality of storytelling anymore?


The Movie – Cloverfiled -By Matt Reeves.

Hand-held camera is not a smart way to tell a movie.

The Movie – Up in the air – By Jason Reitman.

The coldness of heart is typical of women: those who also does not have a cold heart, but warm love for life and does not want to suffer the illusion, well… it’s a lonely heart that stay on his own.


The Movie – Super 8 – By J.J. Abrams.

Whenever humanity encounters something new, the first thing you can do is put in jail, use her as a guinea pig, exploit it to the death.

In extreme situations, it creates solidarity among different species in order to exercise the right to freedom: this is a hymn to life.


The Movie – G.I. Joe: Retaliation – By Jon M. Chu.

Deception is the best way to start a war.


The Movie – Star Trek Beyond – By Justin Lin.

Imagination in the Star Trek storytelling is sublime: science fiction, the Universe discovery, space travel … all this is just … WOW!

I love Star Trek stories.


The Movie – The American – By Anton Corbijn.

The only way to make the journey to a new life is to leave the past behind, well hidden in the darkness.

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