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The Movie – Sanctum – By Alister Grierson.

A realistic set that for the duration of the film that puts the anxiety for the fate of the protagonists.
The human struggle for survival is incredible.

​How thrilling I am to see that Americans, as well as other people from all over the world, read my articles.

I always have the hope that before I die, I will be able to move to the United States and work writing scripts.

Hope is the last to die, but also the first to tease you.

Cursed desires of human origin!

And damnation! I love cinema and tell stories with movies is divine!


The Movie – The hateful eight – By Quentin Tarantino.

I remembered a Quentin Tarantino very good at telling stories on the big screen; Yet despite a divine cast in the film The hateful eight, the story, after an hour of the film, it is appensatita from the story itself.
Too much drama in the violence of the narrative, little simplicity in its ruthlessness for the events that take place in 3 hours of film.

I’m not disappointed, I love Quetin Tarantino, but this time, after watching the movie I was puzzled.

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