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The Book – Collection of Sand – By Italo Calvino.

A travel diary: the exhibitions and museums in Paris, the fantastic world of Calvino, Japan, Mexico, Iran and, of course, the human soul.


The Movie – Sex and The City 2 – By Michael Patrick King.

Living doing the work you love: writing, passionate about fashion because the bank account allows it, travel to the most glamorous places in the world, live glamor, live with a man who lives life with you and you do not expect to have children, but how the partner is enough.
Have four glamorous girlfriends, intelligent, beautiful inside and out, sexy and tempting as the Devil, but honest and sincere as blood sisters.
Dine in restaurants when you feel like, go to a movie premiere, live in New York, living in the navel of the world lives.
Life as an artist, really lived life, happy life.


The Movie – The Benefactor – By Andrew Renzi.

If we lose the people we love the pain that grows in our hearts is the death of the spirit.

There is a medicine to cure this pain?

No, there is no effective medicine.
Time can only help us to live with the pain of the loss of those we loved so much, just another great love, maybe a different kind of love and unexpected, can help cure and heal this wound that otherwise would not stop bleeding.

Meanwhile, going on a trip unplanned helps you get better, it is one of the best therapies.

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