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The Movie – The Man from Earth – by Richard Schenkman.

The filmmaker was very professional because can keep on the screens the viewers for a story that is not represented by special effects, but simply told by the protagonist, through the memories of his 14,000 years of life.

And I agree with one of the characters (played by one of the many actors who starred in the Star Trek saga) when he says that Star Trek is a healthy science fiction.

And I add that a Star Trek society, where money has not existed for centuries, is the evolution of humanity, and in this, Star Trek creators have always been able to make a difference, they are intelligent and forward-looking.

The Movie – Final Destination 2 – By David R. Ellis.

Understanding a drawing, of events stacked between them, which has no end, to try to survive.


The Movie – Final Destination – By James Wong.

You will no longer be able to look at the details of the world that surrounds you with the same lightness as before.

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