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The Movie – The Mist – by Frank Darabont.

Great horror story for fans of the genre: Stephen King never disappoints.


The Movie – Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – by Juan Antonio Bayona.

The Jurassic saga, with his first film, made me fall in love with cinema and its extraordinary narrative beauty.
Every time I go to the cinema to see a new chapter on dinosaurs, I get excited as a child, who sees the world for the first time.
I love #dinosaurs, extraordinary creatures, but I especially love the magic of cinema that brings them back to life on the big screen.




The Movie – Atomic Blonde – by David Leitch.

Do not trust anyone … We will have to make our life philosophy of protagonist Lorraine Broughton.
A beautiful story of spies, ruthless and accompanied by great music.
A note of merit also to the film’s costumers: the divine Charlize Theron always wore elegant and sensual dresses.
The love story between two women has been a touch of narrative elegance.
A movie to see.


The Movie – The Hunger Games – By Gary Ross.

Fight to win, fight like only choice, fighting to the end: and finally win a wrong and unjust fate, change events, change the world, struggling to generate that spark of existential hope that existed in every civilization, has created the difference .


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