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The Movie – The Omega Code – by Rob Marcarelli.

Mediocre script, mediocre special effects, in short… I have certainly seen better films.
This is a somewhat approximate film in all, like many films from the late 90s.


The Movie – A good Marriage – by Peter Askin.

Humans have an extraordinary ability: they can live multiple lives simultaneously and accumulate an infinite amount of secrets.

This film is an exciting and fascinating thriller story, like every Stephen King story.


The Amazon series – Person of Interest – by David Semel.

Of all the TV series I’ve seen, this is the most brilliant, ingenious.

And from the moment I look at it, I can no longer look at a cell phone or a video camera… without having the anxiety of being spied on by Big Brother. 🤣



The Movie – The Wicker Man – by Neil LaBute.

Sometimes people and their intentions are not the ones they want us to believe: #sects, with their bloody rites, are groups of chilling people.


The Movie – #Unstoppable – by #Tony #Scott.

Inspired by the train crash of the #CSX #8888, in the U.S. state of #Ohio, this #thriller deserves to be seen: a genuine narrative, full of action, an exciting story that highlights how human determination and teamwork are fundamental to face situations.


The Movie – Bait – by Kimble Rendall.

Boring film.


The Movie – The Girl On the Train – by Tate Taylor.

This is one of the best movies of all time: ruthless, cold, shocking.

Having a weak spirit means becoming prey to manipulative and dishonest partners, who exploit us at will. Sentimental relationships, if established with the wrong person, become existential traps that kill the soul.




The Movie – The Equalizer 2 – by Antoine Fuqua.

The plot of this film in summary: if you want a good job, you have to do it yourself.


The Movie – Adrift – by Baltasar Kormákur.

I enjoyed this film for two things: the narration of the courage of an extraordinary woman and the shots of the film.




The Movie – The Darkest Minds – by Jennifer Yuh.

This film in its first part teaches a terrible truth: in the society in which we live, where bullies and delinquents rule, the exercise of deception becomes the only way to survive.
At the end of the film you remember that, if you are not part of the community of ordinary humans, well… you have to be yourself, but to stay hidden and watch the world in silence, helping those who are weaker than you, but leaving no trace.

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