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The Movie – A good Marriage – by Peter Askin.

Humans have an extraordinary ability: they can live multiple lives simultaneously and accumulate an infinite amount of secrets.

This film is an exciting and fascinating thriller story, like every Stephen King story.

The books – The Dark Tower – By Stephen King – (For me, I can only smile at the coincidence of my life with this fascinating saga).

Roland‘s story in search of the Black Tower is a bit of the story of all of us, who in life always look for a goal.
The end of the saga sees Roland retracing his existence on the Tower’s planes, through the memories: arriving at the last room on top of the Tower, the cycle resumes and Roland returns to live his adventure at a precise time of his life.
Do we always repeat the same life? Well at least this would explain the dejà-vu phenomenon.

For me, I can only smile at the coincidence of my life with this fascinating saga:

1. The first book I read of Stephen King is called “Jerusalem’s Lot,” that book in the saga of The Dark Tower, is used as the key to the portal of other worlds: at the time I was sixteen: since then I fell in love with literature.

2. At the age of 19 I left my mother’s home to move to my father’s house.

3. I am currently living near Milan City and my neighbor’s name is Rolando (Italian translation of the name Roland) and, please do not laugh, but in the condominium where we both live, Rolando is the owner of cellar n. 19.

4. In the square behind my home there is a fountain with three statues at the center: a large turtle and two smaller turtles.

5. Every time I returned to Milan in the car years ago, when I still had a car, at the barrier of the motorway toll, I always took the door that had the sign without number, a white sign, free of written number, perhaps erased from time and guessed… that toll gate was between the door of the toll booth number 18 and the door of the toll booth number 20, so I always got the door number 19.

6. My dad had the separation from both of his two wives exactly after 19 years of marriage.

You say, “Well you read the saga and you were influenced by the story, behind number 19.”

Instead I am sorry to disappoint you, but all these things in my life have happened in the last 20 years and the saga of the La Torre Nera series, with its eight books, I’ve only read it in the last five months of 2017 and I live alongside the fountain with turtles already for… 11 years.



The Movie – The Dark Tower – by Nikolaj Arcel.

The trailer was made a mistake: the drawing that Jack give to Roland, when they meet the first time, in the trailer is not the same drawing as it is in the movie.

Those who read the novels of the series “La Torre Nerra” will be disoriented by this movie, too short for the film to tell everything and some basic characters are missing.

I understand the choice to “synthesize” the story to make the plot understandable even to those who have not read books, but maybe it would have been better to tell it than more one movie, as it was done with Lord of the Rings.

The beginning of the film is diabolical, typical of Stephen King: to make the writing written down by a small turtle “Tet Corporation” with a red rose between the two words.

I found it brilliant and a nice greeting of Stephen King to his readers.

To get home I took the train on the subway at 19:19.

Details, of course, or… Ka?

The Book – Hearts in Atlantis – By Stephen King.

When you become aware of the existence of other worlds that rotate on the pin of the time, they can no longer relate to own world in the same way; it acquires the ability to see and feel the invisible.



The Movie – Hearts in Atlantis – By Scott Hicks.

The magic of the narrative of Stephen King’s stories is unique.

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