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The Movie – The good, the ugly, the bad – by Sergio Leone.

The sublime beauty of the narrative of the journey of life as a feverish hunt for gold, on an impervious and intricate pathway of obstacles.
The sublime beauty of the narrative of human alliances and individual and popular wars.
The sublime beauty of Sergio Leone’s cinematographic narration of the Western.


The Movie – Automata – by Gabe Ibáñez.

This film makes one think: the robots suddenly evolve, become aware of being existing and change their life, rebel to be independent.


The Movie – Buried – by Rodrigo Cortés.

Finding that you are trapped and doing everything to try to survive: in this story it becomes clear that, in some cases, owning a cell phone, with a full battery, can become a factor of vital importance.

Being able to entertain the viewer for the duration of the film, whose story takes place entirely in a coffin buried underground, is a praiseworthy narrative ability. Congratulations to the director, this film is brilliant.


The Movie – Exodus: Gods and Kings – By Ridley Scott.

Greed for power leads to the downfall of any civilization and want to enslave the peoples leads to the destruction of the tyrants who do.

An empire built on the evil of arrogance, suggested by wealth, has no future and that should give pause to all the heads of state of the world.

Every nation on earth has to live as a free people.

We are all children of God.

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