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The Book – #Owl do cry – By #Janet #Frame.

Reading this book is like reading a #soul painted on #paper with #words.

#Fears, #disappointments, #desires: the #spirit has poured into these pages.
Life expressed in its ruthless reality, enveloped in #clouds of #dreams.


The Movie – Maps to stars – by David Cronenberg.

The ambition for success makes cynics and colds, but the past is a ghost that will not let anyone ever live, it is the daily torment of the soul that feeds our fears.


The Movie – Sidewalks of New York – by Edward Burns.

Relationships are complicated: every character in this story tries to explain their actions due to their own emotions, but nothing is rational.
A thread of Arianna links these characters, partly interviewed and in part the protagonists of a narration: the only truth she understands is that life is made of decisions to take, even when they do not want to do so, but are forced by events.
Love is complicated by the whims of the heart, body and mind.
Suffering arises from the conflict between these things being put into play and discovered, in relating themselves to other people.


The Movie – The Descendants – By Alexander Payne.

Being deceived by someone you love kills your soul.

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