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The Movie – #Terminator #Salvation – By #McG.

#Stories that talk about #time #travel always fascinate. The #special #effects do the rest.


The Movie – 21 – by Robert Luketic.

Once you understand the mechanism of a successful weapon, becoming a millionaire is a moment.
Mathematics as a philosophy of life for enrichment.
A crazy idea, but definitely brilliant, for those who dare, for to win.



The Movie – 2012 – By Roland Emmerich.

Human values life only when the destruction is imminent.
And who governs the world, even in the face of rebellion of a planet, continues undaunted to prioritize and value only to those who have large amounts of money: in this lies the ignorance of our civilization.


The Movie – Disctrict 9 – By Neill Blomkamp.

Money is such a wicked tool to make life a hell for anyone living on earth, both human and alien.

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