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The book – The Order of Time – by Carlo Rovelli.

Absolutely to read: the author tells the time as you never thought about it before.

The Movie – Gattacca – By Andrew Niccol.

To lie to everything, even to achieve your success: challenge and win science and nature at all costs, until to get up there, among the stars.

The book – The Sacred week that changed the face of the world – By Marc Augè.

A civilized world is a world where religions have no effect on the human psyche.

Science must be the spiritual disciplines to follow; this is the only way humans can evolve.

The story of this book I hope it is the beginning of a bright future for human civilization, where obscurantism of religion will died and his madness.



The Movie – Victor Frankenstein – By Paul McGuigan.

Chasing the impossible is never a smart choice.

Science, like everything else, must be applied with humility, never with arrogance.

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