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The Movie – Avarya – by Gökalp Gönen.

Brilliant, elegant, very sweet.


The Movie – Paycheck – by John Woo.

History of science fiction with extraordinary and intriguing temporal joints of events.
Wonderful film, to see several times.


The Movie – The Chronicles of Riddick: Dead Man Stalking – by David Twohy.

Well narrated story, with good rhythm and excellent special effects.
I love the science fiction genre.


The Movie – Automata – by Gabe Ibáñez.

This film makes one think: the robots suddenly evolve, become aware of being existing and change their life, rebel to be independent.


The Movie – After Earth – By M. Night Shyamalan.


A visionary planetary future, but one that makes us reflect on the idea of a philosophy of life #ecology and respect for the environment by human beings: if man continues to destroy and pollute, if he continues to be a threat, all the other life forms could decide to fight the human being until its extinction, to protect their own home.

The conflict between father and son, which takes place on a hostile #planet #earth, because every form of life has evolved to eliminate the human being.

Yet in the war on survival, animals also remember the good received and reciprocate with their lives.

#Fighting to death, to overcome him limits, becomes for the child a question of revenge against his father, to prove once and for all that even if he is a kid yet, is a good warrior: a true ranger.

The Movie – Gattacca – By Andrew Niccol.

To lie to everything, even to achieve your success: challenge and win science and nature at all costs, until to get up there, among the stars.


The Movie – The Darkest Hour – By Chris Gorak.

A science fiction story that does not shine for storytelling, for the screenplay, for pictures and does not shine even for the acting of the actors.



The Movie – Blade Runner (1982) – By Ridley Scott.

Now I doubt … and even if we are to just replicants, only simply robots?

The Movie – Event Horizon – By Paul W.S. Anderson.

Lying just to reach prorpio goal, sacrificing an entire crew with the lie of science, when in fact the absolute power has blinded the mind of a man just wants to dominate everything in the Universe.


The Movie – Disctrict 9 – By Neill Blomkamp.

Money is such a wicked tool to make life a hell for anyone living on earth, both human and alien.

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