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The Movie – Waterworld – by Kevin Reynolds.

We will have to reflect more often on the future of humanity and on how much it is at risk of incivility.


The Movie – Prometheus – by Ridley Scott.

For science fiction lovers, director Ridley Scott is always a guarantee of wonderful movies.




The Movie – Quantum Apocalypse – by Justin Jones.

I’ve seen better films, but the finish is not bad.


The Movie – The Darkest Minds – by Jennifer Yuh.

This film in its first part teaches a terrible truth: in the society in which we live, where bullies and delinquents rule, the exercise of deception becomes the only way to survive.
At the end of the film you remember that, if you are not part of the community of ordinary humans, well… you have to be yourself, but to stay hidden and watch the world in silence, helping those who are weaker than you, but leaving no trace.


The Movie – Cowboys and Aliens – by Jon Favreau.

Aliens are studying us, they look continuously, even in unimaginable historical ages.
On horseback against a flying object: funny.
Present, past, future, planet earth and other planets, human civilizations and remote places: everything intersects this everyday, when you least expect it.

The Television Series – The 4400 – By Scott Peters, Vincent Misiano, Nick Copus, Leslie Libman, Colin Bucksey, Nick Gomez, Morgan Beggs, Allison Liddi.

I love this fiction because her story has the ability to put you in endless minds of existential questions that you have never thought of before.



The Movie – Mad Max – By George Miller (II).

Film colors, noteable music; story’s narrative could be better.


The Movie – I Robot – by Alex Proyas.

One thing is certain: if an artificial intelligence take the command of earth and replace humans, for sure the planet earth would not be polluted.

The morale of this story? Anyone can be replaced, no one is indispensable and even machines lie.



The Movie – Alien: Covenant – by Ridley Scott.


The human race tries to colonize new worlds, but other species give battle for dominance: robotic species and monstrous species. The trust that humans have in the people, always ends up tricking their future prospects.

Not bad as science fiction films, for saga fans, of course.


The Movie – Solaris (2002) – By Steven Soderbergh.

A touching story that teaches us that mistakes made in our sentimental life have consequences and when this happens everyone would want to have a second chance to go back and be able to do the right thing.

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