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The Movie – Jumper – by Doug Liman.

Fun and incredible story about space / time and how to control it: to see absolutely.


The Movie – Cell – by Tod Williams.

#Stephen #King’s stories are a guarantee, even when the narrative of the film is slow.


The Movie – Spider-Man: Far From Home – by Jon Watts.

Extraordinary action film that highlights how easy it is, with the use of technology, to tell false truths and spread lies in order to create conflicts.


The Movie – The Hitman’s Bodyguard – by Patrick Hughes.

Shooting, humor, action.
A fascinating and winning story.
Great music, divine dialogues, lovely narration.



The Movie – The legend of Tarzan – By David Yates.

Instinct is the greatest gift of Heaven: allows you you tune into nature, the world and the Universe itself.


The Movie – The hateful eight – By Quentin Tarantino.

I remembered a Quentin Tarantino very good at telling stories on the big screen; Yet despite a divine cast in the film The hateful eight, the story, after an hour of the film, it is appensatita from the story itself.
Too much drama in the violence of the narrative, little simplicity in its ruthlessness for the events that take place in 3 hours of film.

I’m not disappointed, I love Quetin Tarantino, but this time, after watching the movie I was puzzled.

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