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The Movie – Gladiator – by Ridley Scott.

Fighting to death without fear, supported by the implacable thirst of justice, is the only way to change things in the world.

Historical reconstruction, screenplay and photography are excellent.


The Movie – The Mummy – by Alex Kurtzman.

Evil fascinates and any story that tells the bad, though overloaded with special effects, can fascinate the spectator: always.

The only sad note is that every new movie always has recalls to famous characters of classical books: I wonder why it’s so hard to invent completely new stories?


The Movie – A Beautiful Mind – By Ron Howard.

Being brilliant and crazy at the same time is not a disease.

Sometimes only the trust of the people who love us can make us reach the end of our lives because they blindly believe in us, despite all of our defects and do not judge us.

The Movie – The Next Three Days – By Paul Haggis.

If you love a person deeply understand how to defend it is vital, because you feel you should be protected and sometimes the system you live in puts you to the test, because the system is made up of people, and as such the social system can make mistakes.

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