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The Movie – 15 minutes – by John Herzfeld.

In America, the kill makes famous and millionaires, and so the madness of two crazy people is unleashed, breaking the lives of innocent people.

The Movie – The Fan – By Tony Scott.

If in life you have no balance between their dreams, the determination to achieve them and the daily life of work, is quite difficult to live peacefully.

What lurks in the minds of fans? What grows in their minds when they worship him as a God a famous person? What happens if they interfere in their lives because they demand the same attention given to the same stars they adore?

The worst nightmare of a star begins: end up in the crosshairs of the fans crazy.


The Movie – Once upon a Time in America – by Sergio Leone.

A journey through time, which goes through desires, dreams, regrets and harsh realities in which you cannot trust any friend, you cannot trust business partners, you cannot trust who you have always loved and in the end you are alone and suspended in time and in the nostalgia of the memories of a life that did not go exactly as you would have liked.

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