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The Book – #Political #Councils (#Consigli #politici) – by #Plutarco.

Every word written by Plutarco is a #pearl of #wisdom.


The Book – #Marriage #philosophy (#Filosofia del #matrimonio) – by #Plutarco.

The #balance of a couple depends on the mutual #respect of the two people who are part of it.


The Book – The serenity of mind (La serenità d’animo) – by #Plutarco.

To appreciate what one has, instead of wasting time and energy in desiring what one does not have.


The Book – About love (Sull’amore) – by #Plutarco.

Sincere, healthy and serene love warms the heart, like a sun, which will bring to light, in your eyes, only beautiful people.



The Book – The symposium of the seven wise (Il simposio dei sette sapienti) – by #Plutarco.

Each line written by this author is a spark of knowledge that stimulates the mind.
If you start reading Plutarch… don’t stop reading it anymore: his books are addictive, because his thoughts are nourishment for intelligence.


The Book – The art of listening (L’arte di ascoltare) – by #Plutarco.

This book educates to listening, with elegance.

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