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The Movie – World War Z – by Marc Forster.

A pleasant film, script and masterly interpretations, compelling story.
It makes us reflect on the fact that humanity is a very weak society, which can end up in the grip of global #chaos in a moment.


The Movie – A casa tutti bene (At home everyone is fine) – by Gabriele Muccino.

I do not follow much Italian cinematography, because I often do not get excited, I always prefer to opt for foreign films.

In this case I was happy with the film I saw.

Biting, ruthless, sincere: the director gives a picture of a normal family, with all the problems of married and divorced couples, with and without children, with all the classic mental couple saws, which destroy old and new loves.

#acasatuttibene #gabrielemuccino #family


The Movie – Night At the Museum – By Shawn Levy.

Having the ability to adapt to the most bizarre situations is a great gift of Heaven and a sign of inner balance.

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