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The Movie – Paycheck – by John Woo.

History of science fiction with extraordinary and intriguing temporal joints of events.
Wonderful film, to see several times.


The Movie – The Congress – by Ari Folman.

Visionary film, but not too far from reality: to continue to live on image alone can lead humanity to total misery and the digital age has killed acting in general.
What I found curious about this film is the character Jeff, owner of the Miramount film company, played by Danny Huston: it reminds me the producer of the film company Miramax, Harvey Weinstein.


The Movie – Saving Mr. Bank – By John Lee Hancock.

The stories behind the words of a book, are the hidden stories of our lives and in our soul… I know well. 😉


The Movie – Duplicity – By Tony Gilroy.

In a world where everyone is trying to be smarter than the other, where everyone lies to achieve their goals and fooled everyone … this film is a pearl of wisdom.


The Movie – San Andreas – By Brad Peyton.

Life is like a relay race: when the world around us collapses, every gesture of help will place a seed for the future. Never forget to help those in need when it crosses your way, nothing happens by chance. The life you save today, it is a hope for a future to be rebuilt better and with greater intelligence. Fight until you life: never give up.

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