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The Movie – The Mule – by Clint Eastwood.

The need for money leads people to be what they would not like to be and once they become old, the recklessness of living at the risk of paying a high price is stronger than at twenty.

Clint Eastwood’s interpretation is excellent and divine… as always.

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The Book – A different sea – By Claudio Magris.

The life of a man narrated with simplicity from childhood to old age: youth and passion for literature, the journey of years like fleeing from himself and from his life forever, the return, daily life.
A life partner escaping with another man, the woman that remaining like companion of life, the fascination, war, the quiet after the storm and the return home, a lifetime lived to the full, intense.


The Movie – And So It Goes – By Rob Reiner.

Many men prefer to be cold, detached, cynical.
It ‘easy to be so.

The story of this film teaches that it is difficult to love, because love, emotions, allow people who love us to enter into their lives, makes vulneraibili, because we have to be emotional.

Who has a heart, sooner or later, can not help but to ignore it, even when there is believed safe in the loneliness of old age.

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