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The Movie – The Vanishing- by Kristoffer Nyholm.

The images are excellent and the interpretation of actors is perfect, but the rhythm of narration is too slow.




The Movie – 211 – by York Alec Shackleton.

In this film we often perceive a mechanical acting.
The story is good, but too constructed with studied acting, I do not perceive emotionality, I found some static scene, as if to act were puppets and not people.
A film with faded colors, to then reach the final with more accented colors, to underline the life change of character played by Nicola Cage and other people around him, now retired and become grandfather, despite the ugly adventure of the robbery, which involved him and his son in law.
At the end, the only change of dress of this character, from the policeman’s uniform to the sporty jogging suit, was more than enough to highlight the change in the life of characters.
I will be boring, but the details make the difference.


The Movie – Loving Pablo – By Fernando León de Aranoa.

This is the story of a man and his war and this is one of those films that enters your skin because the actors are extraordinary, go beyond the simple acting, give life to the spirit of the characters.

#Screenplay and #direction as excellent as the #actors.


The Movie – 2:22 – By Paul Currie.

Destiny can already be written, but this story teaches that the fate of each one of us can be changed to the best, according to our desires and passions.


The Movie – The Giver – by Phillip Noyce.

If our whole life were a mere illusion, like a fragile bubble soap that shines with lies and false truth?

The only salvation would to fight to run away as to as possible, with the risk of running encounter the unknown.

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