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The Movie – The Wicker Man – by Neil LaBute.

Sometimes people and their intentions are not the ones they want us to believe: #sects, with their bloody rites, are groups of chilling people.


The Movie – 211 – by York Alec Shackleton.

In this film we often perceive a mechanical acting.
The story is good, but too constructed with studied acting, I do not perceive emotionality, I found some static scene, as if to act were puppets and not people.
A film with faded colors, to then reach the final with more accented colors, to underline the life change of character played by Nicola Cage and other people around him, now retired and become grandfather, despite the ugly adventure of the robbery, which involved him and his son in law.
At the end, the only change of dress of this character, from the policeman’s uniform to the sporty jogging suit, was more than enough to highlight the change in the life of characters.
I will be boring, but the details make the difference.


The Movie – Uss Indianapolis: Men of Courage – by Mario Van Peebles.

Hope is the last to die: and if he dies seriously?
If in front of you there are no solutions to an atrocious death that gets victims every minute around you?
The screams of sailors are devoured by sharks: suddenly a shout in the waves, everywhere: it’s a crazy situation, survive it is a real miracle.
I think that in such a situation every day of his life, he is walking in front of his eyes like the film of a movie: remorse, regrets, missed opportunities, situations never resolved.
And the fear of dying eaten by a predator becomes an obsession.

A story enters you, scratches your soul until it bleeds, only if history is talked about with mastery.
The script is excellent: congratulations to the director, this film is a masterpiece. Absolutely to see.


The Movie – Knowing – by Alex Proyas.

The past and the origin of humanity is perhaps easier than you might think and the catastrophes That will come in the future are the most terrifying of our own imagination.

Who can say with certainty the truth of our past and the truth of our future: there is only of the present time and the Truth of the numbers.


The Movie – Left Behind – By Vic Armstrong.

A beautiful story is that when it is told with wisdom and intelligence.

While watching this film, unfortunately, the narrative will prove to be shaky, slow and poorly executed.

I found it strange that this film was entered in the science fiction genre, because there is nothing like science fiction to impress the viewer.

I could not even extract a moral from this story, a lesson in life, because this film deals with an important issue: God and the salvation of humanity sencondo the scriptures of the Holy Bible.

Yet it is sad to see such an important issue, crumpled in a story so convoluted and sterile emotions.

I was very disappointed.

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