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The Book – The smell of money (L’odore dei soldi) – By Marco Travaglio.

Can we surely know the origin of everything?
Unfortunately no: I am afraid even Silvio Berlusconi’s empire will remain a mystery.

I’m not interested in knowing where to get the money, but I would like to see the money distributed with more intelligently: why to cover the executives with gold  only when they never have enough money? I find it smarter to help those who have difficulty entering a Social System that improves people based on their money.
If I think that every human action is tied to a piece of paper called money, I’m sad because, in this, I do not see at all an evolved and intelligent civilization.

The private citizen who makes use of the State to make money, the State that exaggerates to have money with taxs from the private citizen.
At the end no one comes out winner: this attitude is stupid, just like trying to fight against our shadow.
This is the tragedy of the Italian State.


The Movie – 2012 – By Roland Emmerich.

Human values life only when the destruction is imminent.
And who governs the world, even in the face of rebellion of a planet, continues undaunted to prioritize and value only to those who have large amounts of money: in this lies the ignorance of our civilization.


The Movie – Lincoln – By Steven Spielberg.

Abolish slavery was definitely a step in the evolution and civilization, but the way to do so is still long and full of obstacles: the humanity still wallows in money and in disgusting the misieria inflicted on miardi of people die every second of hunger. Lincoln, looking at the destruction of our day, would turn in his grave.

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