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The Movie – The Post – By Steven Spielberg.

I watched the film at the cinema in the original language.
The strength of the characters, their determination to go to the end of their actions because it is the right thing to do.
You admire them and you would like to be strong like them.


The Movie – The Shape of Water – by Guillermo del Toro.

A sweet and moving fairy tale, a film that gives deep emotions.
I immediately loved the contrast of colors, the cool shades of water, dark green, blue and blue that are reflected in the colors of the objects, in the small details, in contrast with the red, often represented by a single object.
THE hair band. the main character’s coat and shoes are presented in a different color during the film; the cold shades of the water of these objects, blue, dark green and blue, change radically becoming red when the protagonist begins to fall in love.

Eventually the protagonist loses a shoe in the water, a modern Cinderella and outside the box, like the prince charming, very singular, because it is an amphibious creature.

I fell in love with this movie.

I also noticed that the second “S” in in the writing on the illuminated sign of the cinema, about the film broadcast that week, that is located in the condominium where the protagonist lives, lacks until the end of the film, despite the admonition of the owner of the cinema, who complains about the absence of the second “S”, just in the first minutes of the film, while the operarius attacks the letters of the inscription in the lighted sign.

The story sees two types of characters that are opposed: those who understand, love and protect “the different” and those who detest, despise and want to eliminate “the different”.
Other details: the scars of the film’s protagonist are, in the human world, signs of a limit that she has, because she has no voice and can not speak, because of the cuts made to her by the larynx; in the subaqueous world those scars will become gills that will allow her to breathe underwater, thanks to the magic of transformation of life that her prince amphibian possesses.
This film is poetry of the narration.

Finally: the cat, to whom the prince amphibious blue detaches the head to eat it, is called Pandora… in a sense the amphibious creature has opened the Pandora’s box? 😉


The Movie – Lincoln – By Steven Spielberg.

Abolish slavery was definitely a step in the evolution and civilization, but the way to do so is still long and full of obstacles: the humanity still wallows in money and in disgusting the misieria inflicted on miardi of people die every second of hunger. Lincoln, looking at the destruction of our day, would turn in his grave.

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