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The Book – A Love Affair – by Dino Buzzati.

Loving makes blind and even weak: heart torment and stubbornness of love without being reciprocated, winds up in the pages of this novel as a poison that makes the soul sick, a little at a time.
Women are often wicked creatures and their cash greed often reveals to those who love them for what they are: whores that do not love anyone and use men as survival tools.

This happened at the time of the author: today the roles have reversed and the women are used and thrown away by men, with the same ease with which they change a shirt.


The Movie – Gone Girl – By David Fincher.

Confidence. Arrives in the day when we decide to get married. It will be the right person? What will change in our lives? How much is going to change as we? And our spouse? We know who is really the person with whom we come to the altar? The only thing certain is that evil exists. And often we end up falling in love with the wickedness in the purest and unsuspected, that can exist in the world.


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