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The Movie – Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales – by Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg.

Coming like every pirate story.
You fall in love with these sea adventures.


The Movie – Left Behind – By Vic Armstrong.

A beautiful story is that when it is told with wisdom and intelligence.

While watching this film, unfortunately, the narrative will prove to be shaky, slow and poorly executed.

I found it strange that this film was entered in the science fiction genre, because there is nothing like science fiction to impress the viewer.

I could not even extract a moral from this story, a lesson in life, because this film deals with an important issue: God and the salvation of humanity sencondo the scriptures of the Holy Bible.

Yet it is sad to see such an important issue, crumpled in a story so convoluted and sterile emotions.

I was very disappointed.


The Movie – Ted 2 – By Seth MacFarlane.

For all of us it is important to be accepted by the community in which he lives. Friends, those who truly love us, in the most cattle of our journey, are light and guidance to reach the victory of our serenity. The beauty of this film lies not only in its irreverent, ruthless and brilliant comedy, but especially in the ability to enhance Friendship and Love as vital elements of our daily existence.

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