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The Movie – #Black #Panther – By #Ryan #Coogler.

The #eternal struggle between #good and #evil and a hidden city where a more evolved people live hidden in the eyes of humanity.
Excellent special effects, the story is good, on the whole it is a film that in life you will want to see other times because we all dream of a people that can save #humanity from its current abyss.


The Movie – The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies – By Peter Jackson.

The Pride makes many mistakes, it is often the cause of our bad choices, especially when we decide to fight the enemy, because we risk fighting the wrong one.

The despair and the pressure of events create alliances often unexpected deaths unacceptable, bonds of friendships that last for hundreds of years.

Every time we fall, we should get up and keep fighting until the end, until death.

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