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The Movie – The Girl On the Train – by Tate Taylor.

This is one of the best movies of all time: ruthless, cold, shocking.

Having a weak spirit means becoming prey to manipulative and dishonest partners, who exploit us at will. Sentimental relationships, if established with the wrong person, become existential traps that kill the soul.




The Movie – Bridge of Spies – By Steven Spielberg.

Preserving their goals and never give up: it does not mean only to carry out their work, but first of all to believe in themselves, in what you are doing and for a better future.


The Movie – The Benefactor – By Andrew Renzi.

If we lose the people we love the pain that grows in our hearts is the death of the spirit.

There is a medicine to cure this pain?

No, there is no effective medicine.
Time can only help us to live with the pain of the loss of those we loved so much, just another great love, maybe a different kind of love and unexpected, can help cure and heal this wound that otherwise would not stop bleeding.

Meanwhile, going on a trip unplanned helps you get better, it is one of the best therapies.

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