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The Movie – The good, the ugly, the bad – by Sergio Leone.

The sublime beauty of the narrative of the journey of life as a feverish hunt for gold, on an impervious and intricate pathway of obstacles.
The sublime beauty of the narrative of human alliances and individual and popular wars.
The sublime beauty of Sergio Leone’s cinematographic narration of the Western.


The Movie – A Fistful of Dollars Official Trailer – by Sergio Leone.

The shots created by Sergio Leone have the gift of the word uttered in silence.
A sublime, magical director: he knows how to transform every image into living emotion, because he has the extraordinary ability to weave words, images and music together to coordinate everything a perfect dialogue.


The Movie – For a few dollars more (Per qualche dollaro in più) – by Sergio Leone.

The dollar generates stories that are intertwined with revenge and madness.
Sergio Leone’s characters are fabulously real in their rough human weaknesses.


The Movie – Once upon a Time in America – by Sergio Leone.

A journey through time, which goes through desires, dreams, regrets and harsh realities in which you cannot trust any friend, you cannot trust business partners, you cannot trust who you have always loved and in the end you are alone and suspended in time and in the nostalgia of the memories of a life that did not go exactly as you would have liked.

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