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The book – The Sacred week that changed the face of the world – By Marc Augè.

A civilized world is a world where religions have no effect on the human psyche.

Science must be the spiritual disciplines to follow; this is the only way humans can evolve.

The story of this book I hope it is the beginning of a bright future for human civilization, where obscurantism of religion will died and his madness.


The Book – Lord of the Flies, By William Golding.

The absence of a system of rules that
must be followed involves anarchy; in
this situation the arrogance of those
who want to excel begets violence and



The Movie – The Hole – By Nick Hamm – (2001).

The woman in love who are refused by the man who wants to own at all costs, as an exclusive item, is dangerous and threatens to explode like a bomb uncontrolled.



The Movie – The Imitation Game – By Morten Tyldum.

The ability of the individual make a difference in the team; the team can enhance the capabilities of the individual.

Secrecy can win a war, intelligence can end the war.

The different often is the hope for the existence of a future.

Condemn those who are different means to destroy liberty and the right to life of all humanity.

Before judging maligninamente someone, we should make a profound examination of conscience within themselves and within the society that judges without wisdom.

If today I live, like many other Europeans is also thanks to Alan Turing, his strength and his courage, his extraordinary intelligence.

Alan Turing has saved the lives of millions of people; Alan Turing was convicted and driven to suicide because he was homosexual.

The sentencing of Alan Turing is an intolerable human tragedy; an act of injustice and arrogance dictated by human ignorance, is an unforgivable act.

Judge and condemn those who are different not to live, is to condemn ourselves to not live.

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