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The Book – The last line of fairy tales (L’ultima riga delle favole) – by Massimo #Gramellini.

Sweet and fanciful story about love.



The Book – Short story of two friends forever (Breve storia di due amiche per sempre) – by #Francesca #Del #Rosso.

A man’s betrayal can kill the soul of the woman who loves him; to move on despite having such a stab in the heart is very hard, everyday life itself requires to go ahead.
A beautiful story and above all well written.
I am sorry that the author has disappeared so young: she was really a good writer and surely, if cancer had not killed her, she would have written many other high beautiful stories.



The Book – Vita Nova – by #Dante #Alighieri.

Prose and poetry to let the world know the immense love felt by the author, Italian literary genius, for Beatrice.



The Movie – Tutta colpa di Freud (All of Freud’s fault) – by Paolo Genovese.

This is a perfect film in everything, from photography to screenplay, from the skill of the actors to the beauty of the characters; the director tells about love, digging the daily life of the protagonists and exposing their fragility.
The sweet disease of love that affects ordinary people who live their lives in the romantic Rome of today.


The Movie – Match Point – by Woody Allen.

A man has a wife and a lover or many lovers, but the attachment to material wealth will always prevail over everything.
This film should be used as a survival manual by all those women who are waiting to realize their sentimental situation with married or engaged men.
They will never leave the woman who represents the pillar of economic welfare, because their their survival depends from from the economic interest of a long-standing patrimonial situation in the couple and there is no lover or love that can defeat this sad certainty.

Men lie to get what they want, they lie and they do not have remorse: therefore, to love a married man or a fiance man, is equivalent to throwing himself into a dead end, from which to emerge unscathed, it becomes an arduous undertaking.


The Movie – Everything, Everything – by Stella Meghie.

Whoever says he loves us maybe really keep us in prison. The only way to discover the truth is to dare.


The Movie – Sidewalks of New York – by Edward Burns.

Relationships are complicated: every character in this story tries to explain their actions due to their own emotions, but nothing is rational.
A thread of Arianna links these characters, partly interviewed and in part the protagonists of a narration: the only truth she understands is that life is made of decisions to take, even when they do not want to do so, but are forced by events.
Love is complicated by the whims of the heart, body and mind.
Suffering arises from the conflict between these things being put into play and discovered, in relating themselves to other people.


The Movie – The piano – by Jane Campion.

Loving means letting go of the person that you love, so that he can happily live his life.
And yet never happens, possessions and rivalries always take the lead in everyday life.
So love becomes a nightmare.


The Movie – The Giver – by Phillip Noyce.

If our whole life were a mere illusion, like a fragile bubble soap that shines with lies and false truth?

The only salvation would to fight to run away as to as possible, with the risk of running encounter the unknown.


The Movie – The Stone Merchant – By Renzo Martinelli.

Falling in love always involves the devastating consequences, if behind the ‘love lies the deception in order to exploit a person for a precise objective.

This is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen: flawless in the narrative, in the script, in the simplicity of its beauty as a story to tell.

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