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The Movie – Crash – by Paul Haggis.

People’s lives intertwine, they often become entangled, and being able to see and analyze clearly a situation becomes very difficult.
Life is a journey, where we can be spectators or protagonists of stories; not knowing what role we will have to interpret every day, we try to do our best for a better life for all and leave in the heart of those we meet a good memory.


The Movie – The piano – by Jane Campion.

Loving means letting go of the person that you love, so that he can happily live his life.
And yet never happens, possessions and rivalries always take the lead in everyday life.
So love becomes a nightmare.

The Movie – Final Destination 2 – By David R. Ellis.

Understanding a drawing, of events stacked between them, which has no end, to try to survive.


The Movie – Finale destination 3 – By James Wong.

If death chases you, trying to escape it until to the last it’s definitely the best thing to do.

The Book – L’addio – By Antonio Moresco. (The farewell – By Antonio Moresco).

If we find out that when we are alive we are actually dead and when we are dead we are alive?
If evil and good are the same thing, but viewed from two different horizons?
What comes first: death and then life or vice versa, or is it just an uncontrollable succession?
The protagonist fights these questions in trying to defeat evil, even though evil grows constantly, confusing his mind in both cities: the city of the living and the city of the dead.



The Movie – Philomena – By Stephen Frears.

This film teaches that the practice of a specific religion is by no means a guarantee of justice, honesty and sincerity.
Follow your heart and be persistent and determined as a journalist, it is the only way to reach the fulfillment of our lives and get what belongs to us by right.


The Movie – American Beauty – By Sam Mendes.

One of the most intelligent of the end of a movie, a monologues sweetest, touching and illuminating.

“It’s hard to stay mad because there’s so much beauty in the world.

It’s true: it’s hard to stay mad, because life is a wonderful gift and can only be grateful to Heaven for having received this gift, because this gift is a miracle of the Universe.


The Movie – Life of PI – By Ang Lee.

Survival is dictated by instinct; the instinct is life. Live instinctively, outsider, it really means to live and not simply to exist.



The Movie – The Secret Life of Walter Mitty – By Ben Stiller.

To dream, to imagine, to be determined in believing in the power of mind and imagination, give life to the desires and to live them.


The Movie – Paper Towns – By Jake Schreier.

You can fall in love madly in one night, to plant deep roots in the heart of a boy and no more out.

You communicate with a language so original that only the person madly in love with you can understand.

You have arrived in the Paper Towns.

Enters the imagination and the world of the person that you love and you will understand how emotions can be magical, wonderful and vital to the life of all of us.

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