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The Movie – Mad City – By Constantin Costa-Gavras.

To remind at companies that lay off only on the basis of the costs inevitably creates havoc in the human mind, with consequences often unpredictable and terrifying.

If there is money for the substantial, often unjustified, salaries of executives, there must be the money even for blue-collar employees.

And this film is an example for those who believe blindly in what is being told on TV: that little box blathering is just a dictatorship for the human mind, far from telling the truth of the stories that exposes.


The Movie – Philomena – By Stephen Frears.

This film teaches that the practice of a specific religion is by no means a guarantee of justice, honesty and sincerity.
Follow your heart and be persistent and determined as a journalist, it is the only way to reach the fulfillment of our lives and get what belongs to us by right.


The Movie – The Divergent Series: Allegiant – By Robert Schwentke.

It is right to fight mainly to avoid a war, but we must use good instinct to understand who to trust, to figure out who is telling the truth and who is lying, otherwise you may lose the war, forever.


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