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The Movie – The Colony – by Jeff Renfroe.

Humans can turn into ferocious bloodthirsty beasts that sow terror.


The Movie – The Mule – by Clint Eastwood.

The need for money leads people to be what they would not like to be and once they become old, the recklessness of living at the risk of paying a high price is stronger than at twenty.

Clint Eastwood’s interpretation is excellent and divine… as always.

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The Movie – 21 – by Robert Luketic.

Once you understand the mechanism of a successful weapon, becoming a millionaire is a moment.
Mathematics as a philosophy of life for enrichment.
A crazy idea, but definitely brilliant, for those who dare, for to win.


The Movie – Event Horizon – By Paul W.S. Anderson.

Lying just to reach prorpio goal, sacrificing an entire crew with the lie of science, when in fact the absolute power has blinded the mind of a man just wants to dominate everything in the Universe.

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