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The Movie – The 15:17 to #Paris – By #Clint #Eastwood.

I never read film reviews, I like going to the cinema and instinctively choosing the film to watch, I do not read anything about it before, so I did not know that the actors who play the three heroes interpreted themselves.
As soon as I started the film what struck me was the flat acting of the three adult friends, unlike the children actors who were really good.
The narration is too slow, the first hour flows with difficulty, it is heavy and then in the last stretch all the action, waiting for the film’s beginning, has been condensed into a few scenes.
The idea of the story is good, but the script embroidered too much on the protagonists’ past and on an interlude of present, before the great event, which expands too much.
However, I appreciated the attention dedicated to Italian cities and Italian music that accompanied the images.

This time the director disappointed me.

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The Movie – War for the Planet of the Apes – By Matt Reeves.

Violence, destruction and tyranny are distinctive signs of human beings. Animals are peaceful, as always.

Yet violence and hatred, the thirst for vengeance, generate a chain reaction of destructive events that are hard to stop, unless a race is permanently extinct.



The Movie – The Descendants – By Alexander Payne.

Being deceived by someone you love kills your soul.

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