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The Movie – Spider-Man: Far From Home – by Jon Watts.

Extraordinary action film that highlights how easy it is, with the use of technology, to tell false truths and spread lies in order to create conflicts.


The Movie – #Solo: A #Star #Wars Story – by #Ron #Howard.

Once you’ve seen the first #Star #Wars movie, you inevitably love all the films in this saga.
This chapter too is full of special effects, but above all it conveys that joy, the thrill that one tries to imagine traveling in the Universe, meeting new races and visiting fascinating planets.
In short… the beauty of the #galactic journey.


The Movie – Cowboys and Aliens – by Jon Favreau.

Aliens are studying us, they look continuously, even in unimaginable historical ages.
On horseback against a flying object: funny.
Present, past, future, planet earth and other planets, human civilizations and remote places: everything intersects this everyday, when you least expect it.

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