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The Movie – The Darjeeling Limited – by Wes Anderson.

A spiritual journey on a train in India to reunite the family, but materialism perfectly delineates human nature, even on a journey like this, but the bond between brothers exists and nothing can break it.
The reference to Paul McCartney of the Beatles, with one of the brats always walking barefoot, is bizarre.


The Movie – Saving Mr. Bank – By John Lee Hancock.

The stories behind the words of a book, are the hidden stories of our lives and in our soul… I know well. 😉


The Movie – S1m0ne – By Andrew Niccol.

Fantasy can take precedence over reality; but as we learn from this film, every event that happens in our activities has a reason to happen and in the end each card back in its place and reassembles the puzzle virtual, of course.

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