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The Movie – The Great Gatsby – by Baz Luhrmann

A man in love with humble origins who chases a woman of high society married to another man, who betrays her: yet he can not detach himself from such an individual and fate separates with wickedness two people who were perhaps destined to be together.
In the end, men’s lives are made up only of deceptions and women are often victims of them, unwitting victims.
A man like Gatsby must be loved immediately, because a man seriously in love with a woman is the only one who can give her a happy life, a real life.


The Movie – Terminator Genisys – By Alan Taylor.

One thing only allows man and also a machine to keep fighting: to believe in their own destiny.

Never stop the face of obstacles, fight through time, to the last, to death, only to allow the world and humanity to continue to exist, to avoid slavery and extinction.

The freedom of each of us is not for sale and has no price.

Who knows … maybe every life has a destiny written and every person it changes every day, unknowingly and surprising with new stories even the Universe itself.


The Movie – Dawn of the Planet of the Apes – By Matt Reeves.

In the struggle for survival, trust becomes an asset too valuable to be given an open heart.
Yet trust is the only way to embark on the path towards the future; without confidence in themselves and in the near future does not exist.
To survive you must believe in his ideals to the last breath, struggling against all lies and evil.
The breed to which it belongs does not make us better or worse; but it is the head of a single individual, who can make a difference in the extinction or survival of an entire people.
And most importantly, it is important, at the end of each conflict, impare to forgive so that the future can exist.

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