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The Movie – Ulysses: A Dark Odyssey – by Federico Alotto.

I was surprised by this film: an Italian / American signature with an international cast, precisely because it is a film that can appeal to and be understood by a global audience and not be limited to the Italian territory alone.
The story of Ulysses in a modern key is an attractive idea.
The story starts well, has a good rhythm (the music is adorable), but the butcher scene, a typical piece of horror film with splashes of blood everywhere, I found it out of place and a fall in style of the entire film that it spoils it like a rough skid of a class car that damages its bodywork.
The character of the oracle made me smile (tribute and clear reference to the Matrix, as indeed is also the scene of swallowing the pill), but I would have avoided this character, just like the scene of the butcher. There is also a tribute to the movie “The Shawshank Redemption” when the protagonist spreads his arms in the rain.
There is an assembly / make-up error and I think it was wanted by the director, a sort of touch of narrative elegance: the enamel of the transvestite at the beginning of the car trip is red, but when he separates from the protagonist, causing him and his friend to get off from the car, in those shots the enamel is fuchsia (just like the background brushstrokes that accompany the writings of the places during the film and are the background for the movie poster).
The Turin called Taurus City is too much itself, too realistic with its historical monuments, its Italian streets, to be credible as a Sin City style, this too was a skid.
I have to admit that they leave certain acting performances of some actors to be desired: perhaps to put on stage real Hollywood actors number one and make them work with those who, in acting, still have a long way to go and in some cases, unfortunately, they don’t know how to act , created some out of tune notes in the storytelling.
I really didn’t expect the ghost, it was masked well in history, from the beginning: this surprised me.
Not bad the idea of ​​the United States of Europe, is a punch in the stomach that makes you think, taking inspiration from the negative aspects of the current social situation.
Finally, I can say that too much Italianness is still perceived in the complex of the film: I believe that the director, next time, should dare much more to reach a totally international cinematographic language.


The Movie – The good, the ugly, the bad – by Sergio Leone.

The sublime beauty of the narrative of the journey of life as a feverish hunt for gold, on an impervious and intricate pathway of obstacles.
The sublime beauty of the narrative of human alliances and individual and popular wars.
The sublime beauty of Sergio Leone’s cinematographic narration of the Western.


The Movie – A Fistful of Dollars Official Trailer – by Sergio Leone.

The shots created by Sergio Leone have the gift of the word uttered in silence.
A sublime, magical director: he knows how to transform every image into living emotion, because he has the extraordinary ability to weave words, images and music together to coordinate everything a perfect dialogue.


The sea in winter – October in Castelluzzo, Fraction of San Vito Lo capo – Sicily – Italy.

Mountain biking passion.

Before leaving I decided to use a means of transport that I love and that in Milan I can never use because of traffic.
I cycled by mountain bike for days, on dirt roads, in a rocky red ground like being on Mars, with the sea on one side and the mountains on the other.

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Small paradise: Seno dell’Arena beach.

From day one I savored the peace, the silence and the beauty of this corner of paradise: a cove with a red coral beach, crystal clear waters and rocks set of shells.

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The Tonnara Tower.

An ancient tower that was once used for the slaughter of tuna: a silent witness of time and humanity, it’ s looking at the sea, like a tired old man.

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4 hours trekking in the natural reserve of Monte Cofàno.

Trekking for four hours alone in the nature reserve on Mount Cofàno: an extraordinary experience in contact with nature in the company of only myself and the wild animals of the mountain.

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Open-air museum Grotta Mangiapane

An open-air museum, where the places of the crafts of the past were recreated.
Houses built in the rocks, an extraordinary place whose particularity has made it ideal as a movie set.

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Baia Santa Margherita beach.

Immense beach, with transparent waters: the mountains behind, the silence around and the beauty of the sea in front.

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Divine food: Sicilian cuisine is fantastic.

Desserts and fish are unforgettable delicacies from Sicily.

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The Movie – Le fate ignoranti (The ignorant fairies) – by Ferzan Ozpetek.

Love is a light in the heart, which can make life bright like a star.
Two people deeply in love, whose souls are fused together and understand each other in silence without uttering words, because they speak looking at each other in the eyes, they can never lie to each other, because they can read each other’s soul, like open books.


The Movie – Qualunquemente – By Giulio Manfredonia.

Italy, March 2018. The #elections for the renewal of #Parliament await us: the film #Qualunquemente is the icon of Italian #politics and #economy.

Fun and ironic in a ruthless way: a sincere overview of the Italian reality.



The Movie – Funny Games – by Michael Haneke.

Human folly is unpredictable and sometimes being kind to strangers entails only the beginning of an endless nightmare.


The Movie – Marrakech Express – by Gabriele Salvatores.

True friendship is a feeling that knows no bounds of time and place. Friendship is forever and it does not ask for anything in return.


The Movie – Baby Drive – by Edgar Wright.

Excellent story, excellent screenplay, excellent music.

This is a movie that you will not forget for the narrative force it possesses, with the natural rhythm with which the action runs, stunning racing in cars, adrenaline, the use of vinyl records and audio cassettes and old voice recorder of the 1980s style give rise to nostalgia for better times gone by; brilliant shots with a beautifully colored photograph. is just amazing.

Ansel Elgort is an actor who crosses the screen with his acting.

For me this is already the most beautiful film of the year.

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