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The Book – Invisible Cities – by Italo Calvino.


Deep souls, fantasies of the mind: these are the cities described by Marco Polo, which becomes, for his listener Kublai, as Scheherazade of One Thousand and One Night: he tells of abstract, strange, mythical cities, timeless, just like they are emotions of the human soul.

The Book – Collection of Sand – By Italo Calvino.

A travel diary: the exhibitions and museums in Paris, the fantastic world of Calvino, Japan, Mexico, Iran and, of course, the human soul.

The Book – The Castle of crossed destinies – By Italo Calvino.

Everyone wants to tell their story, but in a castle of people who can not speak, tarot cards take the place of the words and their little antique paintings tell the stories of the diners with an original and refined narrative.

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