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The Movie – Prometheus – by Ridley Scott.

For science fiction lovers, director Ridley Scott is always a guarantee of wonderful movies.




The Movie – 28 Weeks Later – by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo.

In this film, human beings are transformed into vampires that become fierce and kill other humans.
Then who should guarantee the safety of humans, loses control and the virus begins to reap other victims.

In short, a total chaos, wrapped up by violence, murders and anarchy: sorry but I do not seem so different from the modern world… or not?

The music that accompanies the film is excellent.


The Movie – The Dark Tower – by Nikolaj Arcel.

The trailer was made a mistake: the drawing that Jack give to Roland, when they meet the first time, in the trailer is not the same drawing as it is in the movie.

Those who read the novels of the series “La Torre Nerra” will be disoriented by this movie, too short for the film to tell everything and some basic characters are missing.

I understand the choice to “synthesize” the story to make the plot understandable even to those who have not read books, but maybe it would have been better to tell it than more one movie, as it was done with Lord of the Rings.

The beginning of the film is diabolical, typical of Stephen King: to make the writing written down by a small turtle “Tet Corporation” with a red rose between the two words.

I found it brilliant and a nice greeting of Stephen King to his readers.

To get home I took the train on the subway at 19:19.

Details, of course, or… Ka?


The Movie – Star Trek Beyond – By Justin Lin.

Imagination in the Star Trek storytelling is sublime: science fiction, the Universe discovery, space travel … all this is just … WOW!

I love Star Trek stories.

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